This is a blog.

Hi Visitors! How do you blog? Seriously, tell me. Just write stuff and add pictures? 


this is me and a fat baby. 

I am new to blogging (like 10 years late, right?) but I have a background in writing. I was a journalism major and created magazines at a PR non-profit job after college. Then I went to law school, though words were read there more than they were created. I still have to look up grammar rules, and I never knew how to spell. I'm rusty. Forgive me. 

It will be great to try a new flavor of writing however. Instagram has its own prose, mostly pictures-as-words, 90% emotion and 10% thoughts, CAPITALIZATION, and a lot of exclamation points!!!!!!! It is great "writing" on IG because grammar rules don't count and if I can't remember how to spell a word I can just use a picture of the word. 

This world is funny, isn't it? 

Anyway, read my blog! Follow me on IG @katiesaro! Buy my stuff! 

Signing off,