Katie Saro Studio


Katie is a mother of four who lives in Dallas, TX. She went from law school to Instagram designer, vintage-furniture finder, and painter of design-minded modern art.   




D Magazine

Named D Magazine "Instagrammer to Follow" 2107



Our family home is a sanctuary. We live in a big city, but we catch backyard fireflies in summer, pick tulips in the spring, plant in the fall, and have bonfires all winter. We enjoy the excitement and innovation of city life, but seek refuge from its perils in the home we've created. 

And whether you live the same way or not, your home should also be your oasis. Your peace. How do you achieve that? 

Well, (at least partly) through THINGS! And this shop has things. Beautiful things. But, things are just things, right? They're not souls. 

People have souls, though. And people are material beings. And as material beings, we find comfort in material things. And we want to have a comfortable home, decorated with things. But how do we balance the ever-present struggle against unmitigated consumerism with the natural human love of things? 

Well, the answer is that we find material things that mimic our non-material soul. Things that have stood the test of time. Design that is not a trend of the day, but a lasting testament to our character. Things that express not only beauty but also truth and strength. Things that have served generations of masters. And things made by the hands of other soulful people with love and care. 

So, with that, I created this shop of vintage treasures. I can edit the world, circulating the best of material things to the best of material people, and can do so without encouraging the creation of more disposable soulless things in the world. 

Buy vintage. Shop smart. Create your lovely sanctuary. Keep your soul.